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The ADSL Speed website is for users to learn more about broadband and the technology that has shaped the world we live in. If your cicumstances permit, your broadband speed can either be very fast, or my be very slow. Run a free ADSL speed test to see if your internet service provider (ISP) is serving you the speeds they have advertised. To get started, hit the Begin Test button and let the tool run its scan. The results will show you the internet download and upload speeds. Because no two tests will be the same, run numerous speedtests throughout the day and week to obtain your average ADSL speed.

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Speed Up Your PC

Do you have fast internet speeds but a slow computer? if so, you'll need to test your PC for bugs and errors which are the likely cause for slow performance..It's important that your PC or Laptop is performing at its best to make the most of your broadband connection. For example, there's no point having 40mb fibre optic broadband if your computer cant load the pages fast enough or keep up with your rapid browsing pace; kind of like watching a Blu Ray disc on an old black and white TV - its wasted potential.

Top 4 Broadband ISP's

BT Retail -
UK broadband for home, businesses and public sector.

Virgin Media -
High-speed broadband with speeds of up to 50Mb.

TalkTalk Group -
Great Unlimited packages plus FREE online protection.

Sky Broadband -
Unlimited Internet for just £7.50 a month.